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Introducing Aesthetiques UK to Beautique By Riley.

We have undergone a bit of training here at Beautique By Riley to include a few more beauty services to keep you feeling magnificent. Fully trained in various Aesthetic procedures we are now offering Microdemabrasion, Microblading and Plamere PlasmaLift. 

We feel that these services are the cream of the crop in the beauty industry which help to define your features. If you are suffering with thinning or sparse brows due to over plucking or other reasons you can book yourself in for a brow consultation with our Brow Artist Christina to discuss your options and any payment plans you may need. 

If however your brows are gorgeous but you feel your skin could do with a little helping hand then we have two options to help refine the texture of your skin. 

Microdermabrasion is an intense form of exfoliation which is able to slough away the uneven layers of dead skin on your face revealing more beautiful and youthful skin hiding beneath the layers. The top layers of your skin can be up to 20 layers thick and it sheds unevenly which can leave your skin looking patchy and discoloured. Microdermabrasion removes with a diamond head these layers of dry skin to reveal the smoother skin beneath.

The Jewel in our Aesthetiques crown is our new Plamere Device. Using Plasma technology to create pinpoint ablations in a precise formation any loose skin is visibly reduced during this wrinkle removing procedure as well as experiencing further tightening up to 12 weeks following the treatment. Please contact for further details. 


Full Facelift from £900 - £1500

Our client underwent a full face PlasmaLift and as you can see the results are quite striking. The hooded eyes have been tightened back in to the eye socket which gives back to the eyes a bright, open and awake appearance. We lifted both cheeks as well as working on the nasolabial folds to lift the jowls. The after results we feel have taken at least 10 years off of our clients appearance.

Plasma EyeLift £300-£900

For the best results we recommend a full Plasma EyeLift to include a brow lift and upper lid lift. Below are some of our most recent results where you can see the lifting effects are immediate, especially when used to tighten hooded eyes. This treatment instantly tightens the upper lids and brows to reveal the mobile lid and the brow arch.


The last image is an asymmetrical brow correction and upper lid lift results after 6 weeks.

Smokers Lines/Lip Flip £150

A PlasmaLift treatment on the upper lip to remove smokers lines will also give a subtle lift and plumping effect as it tightens the skin above the lip and so pulling the lips upwards.

Microblading £200







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