Who is the best Nail Bar in Maidstone?

October 9, 2018

That's a question I'd love to answer for you. Allow me to try. I'm going to say mine obviously but here's why. Not only am I fully trained and insured, something many others are not. My salon is also kitted out with advanced nail dust and fume extraction. Something I have seen no other nail salon in Maidstone even attempting to try. 


What does this mean for you? 


This means that every month you are inhaling potentially dangerous fumes and particles which can in fact settle in your respiratory system and create a dust build up over years of having your nails extended and filed causing various nasal and respiratory complications. Believe it or not this dust can actually create a situation in which your lungs may be likely to collapse in the future. When you see nail technicians wearing masks, it's not for hygiene or even just the smell of the acrylic liquid. It's to guard against the inhalation of dust particles. The dust particles are not visible to the naked eye unless under direct light source. 


It would be nice if the nail techs could give you a mask to wear too huh? Or better yet invest in an extraction system that you can see working with your own eyes which allows you piece of mind. 


My Nail dust extraction fan is made in accordance with the UK Government Health and Safety in Nail Bars Executive. http://www.hse.gov.uk/research/rrpdf/rr627.pdf 


Be kind to your lungs and choose your nail bar wisely and in the meantime I am going to recommend my own nail bar as having a higher regard for your safety as well as my own. 







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