Oh stop it, you're making me blush!

July 15, 2018

Blush! What it's for and why you need it.


Ever looked in the mirror after spending an hour doing your make up and feel like theres something missing? Chances are you're either not using blush or you're using the wrong shade for your skin tone. I have recently stumbled upon my holy grail of blushers. I have been an avid blush fan my whole life, but much like finding my perfect lip shade, (still searching, btw) the perfect blush shade has also eluded me my entire life. That was until recently, browsing the MAC counter at Bluewater's House of Fraser, I spotted a beautiful gold shimmery pink blush. Sitting pretty amongst MAC"s mineralize blushes was this too good to be true shade, 'Petal Power'. 



I have bought many blushers during my makeup addiction, but this one seemed to speak to my inner makeup goddess. As soon as I got it home I had to try it out and I certainly was not disappointed. Now I don't usually go for the highlighted cheek look, that silvery shimmer stripe that is so commonly worn these days, I'm more of a subtle girl and like my highlight to glow naturally from my high cheekbones as opposed to being obviously shop bought. However I had recently been experimenting with another new product in my kit, Hourglass' Radiant Bronze Light! (Now this is a bronzer worth adding to your kit, but more on that another time). This bronzer is packed full of subtle yet extremely effective bronzing, highlighting and light reflecting pigments and I found myself being okay with this level of "JLo glow" on my face so figured what the heck, if I don't like it, I can always return it right. But I need not have worried. This blush was soon to be recognised as my 'go to', 'never fail', ride or die! I simply cannot explain how much of a difference this blush has made to my life and confidence! From being somewhat enamoured with the very glow enhancing Hourglass bronzer to falling madly in love (is that possible?) with a blusher, my make up game has been taken to a whole new level with just the addition of these 2, what I like to think of as,'Superstar Products'. Instantly buffing away years and bringing my skin to life. Petal power is solely responsible for relegating my tired and lacklustre blushers of years gone by to the back of the drawer.




Interesting Fact; Alexandre Napoleon 'Bourjois', created the first powder blush in 1863. The little pot of rouge became available to the public in 1879 and is to this day, one of the most popular selling products of the French make up brand, selling some 3.5m pots of blush every year. Read more here.



Of all the make up products out there, blush is one of the most effective at changing your look. Just a swipe of pink or red across your apples can make you look more youthful, dewy and healthier as a result. Blush is associated with youthfulness, it has the ability to recapture the glow of skin long since forgotten without using fillers, plumpers or other invasive procedures. Undergoing a resurgence in the make up world, girls and women are turning to make up artistry and falling away from artificial enhancements. Blush is one of those products that can make your look or ruin it by misplacement or over-placement. Easily overdone, but the right amount of blush placed in the right area for your face shape can help skin look brighter and clearer as well as enhancing your eye colour. Choose the wrong shade and you risk looking like Aunt May (resplendent with lipstick on her teeth) or Coco the clown, but choose the right shade and it has the power to knock off those 10 years you spent ageing disgracefully.




Money Saving Tip; Use your blush as a multi-tasker. 


Not only can you use blush as your go to 'fountain of youth' but it can also be used to add a subtle shade of pink to your eyelids, or you can use a cream blusher to add a rosy tint to your lips and cheeks for the ultimate no make up, fresh out of the shower glow. 


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